Robust 2800

Say Hello to Performance and reliability

Whether its heavy rain, melting snow or hurricane season - resolve your water worries in minutes with Smartbot® Super 3600


50 Gallons of water per minute

1.4X Faster Than Other Brands

This super powerful utility pump moves up to 2800 gallons of water per hour. Twice as powerful and twice as fast as other brands and a with max head of 30ft; Smartbot removes unwanted water in minutes.


Auto-Flo Technology

Water Detection For Automatic Pumping

The US patent Auto-Flo system detects as little as 1.2” of water and begins pumping automatically. When the water level is down to 1/16”, Auto-Flo turns itself off for dry run protection.

Knock Over Operation

Works Even When Knocked Over

Smartbot’s technology allows it to continue to work hard and remove water quickly even when lying down!

Anti-clog Technology

Eyes Turn Red if There is a Blockage

In normal mode Smartbot’s lights will glow green, but whenever there is blockage caused by debris, the pump will automatically shut off and the lights will glow red

Removes 50 Gallons per minute

See how Smartbot® works in typical situations

Smartbot® Performance


  • Motor: 1/2 HP
  •  Max Flow Rate: 2800 GPH
  • Hydraulic Head: 30 FT
  • Auto Flo: Auto On/Off
  • Knock Over Operation
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Smart and Portable
  • 6 opts (2*2”,1-1⁄2”,1-1⁄4”,1”, 3⁄4”)
  • One Year Warranty


Robust 2800