Small but Mighty
Submersible Utility Pump

SmartBot® - the Intelligent Submersible Pump

SmartBot’s Ultimate pumping power removes flood water before damage occurs. Uniquely designed with patented Auto-Flo® technology, SmartBot® detects rising water levels and automatically gets to work. It even switches itself off when the job is done!

SmartBot® Robust 2800


SmartBot® Super 3600


SmartBot® Super 4200


SmartBot® Pool Cover 4200


Pumps 50 Gallons Per Minute

This super powerful utility pump moves up to 2800 gallons of water per hour. Almost 2X as powerful and twice as fast as other brands, SmartBot removes unwanted water in minutes.


The US patent Auto-Flo system detects as little as 1.2” of water and begins pumping automatically. When the water level is down to 1/16”, Auto-Flo turns itself off for dry run protection

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Product Superiority

The power pump that removes 70 Gallons of water per minute

Customer Reviews

Lot’s of punch in a small package

I have an outdoor Koi pond that I regularly drain and clean sections of it and over the years have gone through a variety of pumps. This brand and model in my opinion is pretty much the best you’re going to get, and I even say that comparing it to one’s at three or four times the price point. The half horsepower and 2800 GPH flow rate is probably rated a bit on the late side as I feel it pushes more than that which indicates to me that it’s just got a really powerful motor. Take it from a guy who uses these types of pumps regularly that this one is the one to get. Five stars and I highly recommend it

City Ice & Fuel Oil Co


“Scary fast water pump!”

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