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Lot’s of punch in a small package

“I have an outdoor Koi pond that I regularly drain and clean sections of it and over the years have gone through a variety of pumps. This brand and model in my opinion is pretty much the best you’re going to get, and I even say that comparing it to one’s at three or four times the price point. The half horsepower and 2800 GPH flow rate is probably rated a bit on the late side as I feel it pushes more than that which indicates to me that it’s just got a really powerful motor. Take it from a guy who uses these types of pumps regularly that this one is the one to get. Five stars and I highly recommend it.”

 City Ice & Fuel Oil Co.

The Pump That Can

“This is my first experience with Smartbot products. I am used to water pumps from manufactures such as Little Giant, Wayne, Zoller and such. I wasn’t too sure how durable this one would be. It has however turned out to be just as impressive in build quality as it is in sleek looks and smart features and performance. I really like the friendly and unique design of it. It is much more aesthetic than other pumps. It is also much more durable because not only is it built tough but it has smart safety features built-in so that it won’t over heat or ruin itself by running dry when the water level gets too low. Better than expected. 5 stars.”

Earth Spirits

Makes emptying out the pet pool water so much easier.

“This pump has been awesome to use for draining out the water in our pet pool. The pool is under out deck in a shaded area, and I’m not able to stand upright under there when I’m trying to dump the pool water. Using this pump has made switching out the pool water to much easier. I don’t have to be stooped under the deck trying to dump the water. The pump does all the work!”

Where the Sidewalk Ends

This pump is amazing

“I didn’t expect much from this pump due to its small size. I am in the middle of building a house and we had a bad rain storm. This filled the septic tank with water before it was properly;y set. kI used this pump to pump out over 7,000 gallons of water from the tank so we could reset it and it only took three hours to pump it out. The pump is practically silent and has good head pressure too.” 



“Excellent pump, easy to use and does what it says. I used it to drain my 21x52 above ground pool (was old and needed to replace)…literally dropped this in the pool and forgot about it for the day and the pool was drained. With every penny!”



Small But Mighty